Bringing Heaven to Earth

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As we continue on in our Heaven on Earth theme year, the next question we are asking is, how do we bring Heaven to earth today? Through the power of the Spirit. It’s impossible to live the Christian life without Christ in us – the Holy Spirit. So, who is He? The more we know, the more we’ll hunger for the Spirit in our lives and the more Heaven will come to earth in and through us. During this time, we will also be setting aside 40 days to celebrate God’s faithfulness to Walnut Hill over the past 40 years of ministry and ask the Lord to empower us for the next 40+ years!

Week 1 | Who is the Holy Spirit? | Brian Mowrey

Week 2 | What Does the Holy Spirit Do? | Brian Mowrey

Week 3 | The Power of the Holy Spirit | Brian Mowrey

Week 4 | Living and Being Filled | Brian Mowrey, Crystal Ellington

Week 5 | All About the Fruit | Brian Mowrey, Matthew Moreira

Week 6 | You Are Gifted | Brian Mowrey

Week 7 | The Gift of Faith | Brian Mowrey

Week 8 | The Gift of Prophecy & Encouragement | Brian Mowrey, Victoria Kowarick

Week 9 | The Gift of Hospitality & Service | Brian Mowrey, Becca Mowrey

Week 11 | The Gift of Healing & Miracles | Brian Mowrey

Week 12 | Trusting the Spirit | Brian Mowrey

Week 13 | Tuned to One Voice | Victoria Kowarick

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