community groups

community groups


You weren’t meant to do life alone. You were created to live in a loving community with others.

By joining a Community Group, you’ll find yourself in a group of people with a common mission of loving, caring for and sharing life with one another. Community Groups meet on a semester basis during the school year.


As part of our Arise & Shine Theme Year (starting September 23,) many groups are taking on this 24-week study of Acts.


In the book of Acts, we see the first Christians modeling God’s love with each other and sharing Christ with others. Over the next two thousand years, this Jesus-movement spread across the world and stories of transformation can now be told in every nation.

Together, from September 2023 though March 2024, we're learning:

  • How to arise and re-engage in Christian community for personal transformation.
  • How to rely on the Holy Spirit as we arise to share Jesus with others.
  • How to receive strength and care from Jesus as we live for him.
  • How to be people of integrity as we shine in a world that embraces different values.
  • How we are called to shine brightly and radiate truth with grace and humility.

Download our 24-week Acts Daily Reading Guide here.


Community Groups meet on a semester basis during the school year. If you’re not in a group, we would love to help you find one! Email or fill out the form below.

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