Our Vision & Values

Our Vision & Values


Walnut Hill desires to be a unified, diverse body of believers who are igniting a passion for Jesus in Connecticut, New England, and around the world.



At Walnut Hill, we are a family devoted to igniting a passion for Jesus in Connecticut, New England and around the world. We are people of all ages and stages in life coming together to bring hope and revival to a hurting world.

Seeking God

We want to be a family that eagerly desires more of the Lord. We want to seek Him with everything we have, knowing that He promises to draw near to us when we draw near to Him. You can seek God in community and through personal growth.

Caring for One Another

We are a family that bears one another’s burdens and offers encouragement and support to each other. Care is available to you and there are always opportunities for you to care for others. 

Serving Together

We are a family that serves together both at the church and in our community. Curious about what serving looks like? Find your place!

Reaching Out

We are called to be the hands and feet of Jesus in our everyday lives, together in our community and standing with the church around the world to do the same. Some churches call this “Missions” or “Outreach.” At Walnut Hill, we call it being a Church in Action.


When God’s people are faced with a challenge and they obediently step out and say “yes,” He moves powerfully so that current and future generations are blessed. We sense God saying to us that He has great work for us to do locally, regionally and internationally… that He wants to increase our influence. He wants to give us new methods to impact His world in ways that we never imagined before. We are choosing to boldly respond to five challenges before us.

Challenge 1: A Generation Needs to Meet JEsus

The Local church in America continues to decline in attendance while a generation finds communities and connections online. Walnut Hill has a vision to adapt and innovate to reach the generation. Learn more here.

Challenge 2: Leaders Need to Be Equipped

Historically, God has used this church to develop and send leaders into ministry, the marketplace and missions. We have equipped and sent out numerous leaders over the years. Walnut Hill has a vision to accelerate this process 10 times. Learn more here

Challenge 3: The New England Church Needs to Thrive

The Church stands at a critical moment in time, as the spark of revival can be seen in Christian leaders uniting in prayer and working together in fresh ways, while at the same time many rural churches are struggling to stay alive. Walnut Hill has a vision to help New England Churches thrive. Learn more here.

Challenge 4: The Global Church is Asking for Help

We have the privilege of partnering with ministries and leaders around the world. Now, they are asking for help to bring spiritual refreshment to their leadership. Walnut Hill has a vision to provide this needed support. Learn more here.

Challenge 5: We Need to Prepare for Future Guests

Our campuses continue to draw neighbors in search of Jesus and in need of community. What would it take for all families, particularly those impacted by special needs, to feel welcome and comfortable here? Walnut Hill has a bold vision to welcome future guests. Learn more here.

The challenges are great. Do you believe our God is greater? Invest in the Ignite Legacy Fund today. 

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