Our Vision & Values

Our Vision & Values


Walnut Hill desires to be unified, diverse body of believers who are igniting a passion for Jesus in Connecticut, New England, and around the world.


2016-2020 FOCUS

Beginning in September 2016, Walnut Hill embraced a particular theme each year. All of our teaching, classes, groups, and events center around these themes. In September 2019, we entered our final year on these themes. 

Ignite Prayer & Worship

2016-17 | Encounter Jesus every day during your First 20. Resources are available at www.first-20.org.

Ignite Our Faith

2017-18 | Grow deeper relationships with Jesus and one another with your Crew. Resources are available at www.mycrewkit.org

Ignite Our Witness

2018-19 | Pray, live and speak as the Holy Spirit prompts you to Share Jesus with others. Resources are available at www.praylivespeak.org .

Ignite Compassion

2019-20 | Igniting compassion so that the world experiences the tangible love and hope of Jesus. Resources are available at www.ignitecompassion.org


At Walnut Hill, we are family devoted to igniting a passion for Jesus in Connecticut, New England and around the world. We are people of all ages and stages in life coming together to bring hope and revival to a hurting world.

We recognize God’s unique calling on our family to be a people who seek Him, care for one another, serve together and reach out. We call these our Family Values.

Seeking God

We want to be a family that eagerly desires more of the Lord. We want to seek Him with everything we have, knowing that He promises to draw near to us when we draw near to Him. You can seek God in community and through personal growth.

Caring For One Another

We are a family that bears one another’s burdens and offers encouragement and support to each other. Care is available to you and there are always opportunities for you to care for others. 

Serving Together

We are a family that serves together both at the church and in our community. Curious about what serving looks like? Find your place!

Reaching Out

We are called to be the hands and feet of Jesus in our everyday lives, together in our community and standing with the church around the world to do the same. Some churches call this “Missions” or “Outreach.” At Walnut Hill, we call it being a Church in Action.

Every ministry — from children to adults, and from prayer to worship — supports these four focus areas. 

Come this Sunday to learn more about what it means to be family at Walnut Hill!

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