by faith


Regardless of what happens around us or what we are going through, no matter how hopeless or challenging the future may seem, no matter how big the assignment or mountain to climb, these two words change everything. Are you ready for them? By faith. This summer, we will study different characters showcased in Hebrews 11 to learn important lessons regarding how faith in God is cultivated, built and applied. Join us on the adventure!

Week 1 | By Faith | Adam DePasquale

Week 2 | Gideon | Greg Flower

Week 3 | Abraham | Craig Mowrey

Week 4 | Rahab | Craig Mowrey, Leticia Hashem

Week 5 | Jochebed, Shiphrah, Puah | Bryan Cerrone

Week 6 | Joseph | Gregg Dedrick

Week 7 | Faith Under Pressure | Peter Scalzo

Week 8 | Shadrach, Meshach & Abednego | Greg Flower, Lance Sven

Week 9 | Moses | Craig Mowrey, Mark Munshi

Week 10 | Encore | Bryan Cerrone

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