go boldly

Go Boldly

Most people think of boldness as something that requires taking a risk like speaking in front of a large crowd or jumping out of a plane. But what does real boldness look like? What if we started to think about boldness in terms of our prayer life? Join us as we look at bold prayers in the Bible and find out what it means to Go Boldly!

Week 1 | Pray for the Power of God | Brian Mowrey

Week 2 | Pray for Boldness | Brian Mowrey

Week 3 | Pray for Opportunity | Victoria Kowarick

Week 4 | Pray for Radical Obedience | Adam DePasquale

Week 5 | Pray to Hear the Voice of God | Brian Mowrey

Week 6 | Pray for God’s Plan | Craig Mowrey

Week 7 | Pray for Unity | Brian Mowrey

Week 8 | Pray for Filling | Gregg Dedrick

Week 9 | Pray With Thanksgiving | Brian Mowrey

Week 10 | Pray for Love Revealed | Victoria Kowarick

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