Story Time

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In our journey with Jesus, we have learned who He is, what He says and that He is alive. Now we’re going to discover how Jesus rules and reigns in us. We’ll gain insight into the Kingdom of God – how Jesus moves and operates in our lives and how He’s building His Kingdom. Gather around, friends. It’s “Story Time.”

Week 1 | Embrace the New | Brian Mowrey

Week 2 | Jesus is Stronger | Craig Mowrey

Week 3 | Faithfulness Leads to Fruitfulness | Brian Mowrey

Week 4 | Act in Faith | Crystal Ellington

Week 5 | Release to Recieve | Brian Mowrey

Week 6 | The Power of Pursuit | Craig Mowrey

Week 7 | Forgiveness From The Heart | Craig Mowrey

Week 8 | Grace Does Not Keep Score | Brian Mowrey, Becca Mowrey

Week 9 | Get Out Of The Boat | Brian Mowrey

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