the abundant life

Abundant Life

Start your new year by asking God to bring about a freshness in your life and relationship with Him! As we step into 2024, we begin at eight-week series where we will explore the fullness of life that Jesus offers those who follow Him and the very real obstacles each one of us face as we surrender to God and courageously embrace new ways of doing life His way.

Week 1 | The Abundant Life | Crystal Ellington

Week 2 | Rest | Craig Mowrey

Week 3 | Reclaiming the Clock | Adam DePasquale

Week 4 | Unleash Your God-Given Gifts | Craig Mowrey

Week 5 | Arising Faithful Stewards | Chuck Bentley

Week 6 | For the Sake of the Gospel | Clarence Haynes

Week 7 | Significant Others | Adam DePasquale, Carrie DePasquale

Week 8 | The Next Generation | Brian Bergen

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