the big why

The Big WHY

We’re tackling some of the toughest questions people are asking about Christianity: If God is so good, why is there suffering in the world? Why should I go to church? Why should I believe Jesus is God? There are lots of Big WHY'S to be answered, so join the conversation!

Week 1 | If God is good, why is there suffering in the world? | Brian Mowrey

Week 2 | Why Hasn’t God Answered My Prayer? | Brian Mowrey

Week 3 | Why Should I Read The Bible? | Brian Mowrey

Week 4 | Why do I have to go to church? | Adam DePasquale

Week 5 | Why Is Christianity different from other religions? | Brian Prue

Week 6 | Why Should I Believe Jesus Is God? | Brian Mowrey

Week 7 | Why don’t Christians love like Jesus? | Brian Mowrey

Week 8 | Why is Christianity so boring? | Brian Mowrey

Week 9 | Why Believe What Science Disproves? | Victoria Kowarick, Ian Hutchinson

Week 10 | Why Should I Believe Jesus Rose From The Dead? | Brian Mowrey

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